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Turn your Gmail & Outlook into Trello-like task lists 💌


Flow-e treats your emails as tasks without leaving your Gmail/Office365 inbox. Flow-e is just a visualization of your inbox; we don't store your data. The best part? Whatever you change in Flow-e, changes in your email too.

Use the 'Learn More' link for an extended trial.


19 Reviews
Murry Ivanoff
Hristo Stalev
wilfried durand
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  • Dima Moroz
    Dima MorozDigital Marketer

    Super lightweigh, visual, secure and doesnt actually store ANY of my data. The number of power ups is constantly growing.


    No permanently free plan. But, honestly, it is worth every penny

    I have never had a zero inbox before. “Mark all read“ doesn’t count. In Flow-e, I could get to actually organize, prioritize and plan my work, instead of just making my emails disappear. Honestly, I can’t imagine any other way of doing this anymore.

    Dima Moroz has used this product for one month.
  • Chaston Gordon
    Chaston GordonCEO, Result Reach LLC

    Fantastic interface, easy setup, intuitive. Flow-e is my new go-to tool for communication, tasks, time management & organization in general!


    Wish there was a free plan. The option for a free account by spreading the word is a great alternative because I'm telling everyone anyway!!

    Email has become a second-tier medium for me because of the time it demands to sort, organize, respond, etc. I spend SO MUCH time cutting and pasting and even retyping info from email to various task lists etc. and it drives me crazy. I'm always behind on my emails and from time to time, I even miss opportunities due to the disorganization of my inbox and processes. As I use Flow-e, I'm amazed by the time savings and more importantly, I actually look forward to looking at my inbox! Beside the fact that it happens to be way more visually appealing now, I don't have clutter and confusion anymore - it's now the opposite, clean, organized, quick and gorgeous. GET THIS SOLUTION!!!!

    Chaston Gordon has used this product for one day.
  • Bisser Ivanov
    Bisser IvanovEntrepreneur

    Mindset shift on how to process your email :) Get focus and priorities right!


    Needs more power ups.

    Obviously, I love it, but the most interesting for me is that my wife also started using it in her corporate network. Her colleagues started to notice changes in the response times and also that she has been too pushy and persistent on some very specific topics :)

    She literally told me "I'm getting so used to this, that sometimes I even hate it, as it bugs me not to forget and procrastinate uncomfortable emails as I did before."

    Bisser Ivanov has used this product for one month.
  • Casey Fulgenzi
    Casey Fulgenzi🛠️12 Projects in 12 Months

    Clean UI, easy setup, super helpful if you use your inbox as a to-do list already


    Needs better differentiation between read & unread messages, Needs multi account support, asks to confirm every time I delete an email

    Excited to see where they take this. Until they have an iOS/Android app (so that I can drop the Gmail app), they're missing the ability to mark emails as unread.

    Casey Fulgenzi has used this product for one day.
  • Pros: 

    For Visual People who feel a little overwhelmed with a full inbox Flow-e is KING


    Features Coming Along Nicely

    The Team are sensational and i have made several feature suggestions and received a welcome response

    This has changed our productivity massively as someone who receives 300+ emails a day i can now track all projects and correspondence in a visual environment

    Owen George has used this product for one month.
  • Pedro Bueno
    Pedro BuenoFounder Animame.co & CentralStartup.com

    Amazing interface and great options to improve productivity - create cards as ToDos saves me a lot of time.


    Won't be using it since it only supports one account (gmail OR office365). I use two gmail accounts and one office365.

    Hopefully Flow-e will be able to handle multiple email accounts at once. I would gladly pay the 9 bucks for that. An APP would also be a breeze to create a single ecosystem desktop / mobile.

    Pedro Bueno has used this product for one day.
  • Casey Wilcox
    Casey WilcoxCustomer Service Lead, Farmstead

    Super Clean, very easy to use, voting for next features?? +1, easy to refer


    Only one payment plan

    I am sure that everyone receives as many, if not more, emails that I do. Flow-e has been awesome helping me get through the day.

    The different power-ups are a nice feature as well. Delegation, To-Do's, and Due Dates. These have been super helpful so far.

    Casey Wilcox has used this product for one week.
  • Pros: 

    Finally, a solution for those of us who use their email inbox as a to-do list.


    Unable to change date/time format. Not sure if I like the freemium format.

    For those of us in the U.S., it would be extremely helpful to have the option to change the time format from a 24-hour clock to a 12-hour. I keep having to do mental calculations on what 15:45 o'clock is.

    The same with dates. The U.S. uses MM/DD/YYYY.

    Devin Dreher has used this product for one day.
  • Ricardo Alamino
    Ricardo AlaminoFront-end Developer

    Very useful interface, Trello like features, calendar tracking, beautiful signature customization.


    There is no option to visually "merge" my accounts, so I have to switch between accounts...

    I found Flow-e very interesting so I am using for now. But I really want to have the possibility to merge my email accounts so that they are visually merged but distinguishable.

    Ricardo Alamino has used this product for one day.
  • Daina Crafa
    Daina CrafaSocial and Cultural Neuroscientist

    This is the absolute best productivity product I’ve tried. I’m in love!


    No iPhone app (yet), must pay for 2-step verification

    Flow-e has changed my life! It shifts the focus away from emails to actionable items. Organize your emails like a kanban board, link multiple messages together, add tasks and notes, create reminders and checklists. After one day of use, my inbox is empty for the first time EVER. All of my important messages are sorted into the projects they relate to so I can easily find them when I’m ready and can easily ignore them when I‘m focused on other projects. The others are hidden but accessible. I can choose which Gmail folders to import. Easy to use interface. Attractive and customizable backgrounds. Offers a signature design feature. I feel the burden of constant emails lifted off my shoulders and am excited to use Flow-e to develop my projects and ideas.

    Daina Crafa has used this product for one day.
  • pattricia
    pattriciaUX designer

    It's intuitive and SO helpful in tidying my inbox!


    The trello-like columns encourage swiping. On Mac you can by mistake swipe to previous or next page instead.

    When you have more columns and they don't fit on the screen, you need to swipe the screen to a particular column. In Mac, you can swipe to next or previous page by mistake.

    pattricia has used this product for one day.
  • Pros: 

    Easy to use, relies on existing data (your emails), you can not only organize yourself and your work but as well to reply emails in th app.


    Not many at the moment, just needs to grow to add some more features.

    I will tell you my story, in a short way. I am not an IT profssional, I am an entrepreneur working between 3 companies and dozes of projects at the same time. None of my companies are related to IT.

    A few weeks ago I decided to review and change the way I was organizing myself and my work. I reached to a point where I had (still have, working on it) literally hundreds of emails to reply, and often found myself replying to people 2 months after, it started to become really difficult. I had been searching for a very long time for an app/software that could integrate my emails, notes and file storage. You see, I tried a lot of stuff, Evernote (I am a premium user for 8 years now), Trello, Meistertask, Todoist, Asana, Planner, OneNote, and others. Maybe because I am unorganized by nature I had difficulties in sticking to something. The problem was that I simply had no time to go always back and forth from emails to trello,, then some notes in Evernote, and then some files in Drive..etc.. I ended up every time with everything spread everywhere . A very simple example is, You receive a reply in that email conversation that you know it's important to add in the same place where you had put the files and notes related to that subject, and you had to manually add it and keep it updated (every time you receive a reply) for future reference because you know you are going to need it and also that you need to be able to find it fast. I simply had no time for that, if at least I could copy a link to that email and put it in my notes , so when I need it it would open the conversation thread up to date, but not even that was possible.

    So I decided to lose some features and simply use my gmail account as the center of my organization, 80% of my inputs arrive by email, so if I could use some use of the labels I could try to organize myself and not loosing time going back and forth wasting huge amounts of time to have all th info up to date. Not perfect but saves time. So I forward all my 7 email accounts (d0n't ask me, it’s complicated) to gmail, created aliases, templates for signatures for the different aliases and started something fresh, having everything in the same place.

    Then, trying to optimize a few things , I was searching for productivity hacks for gmail, being a fan of kanban, I found FLOW-E, still has a long way to go but is a brilliant approach.

    Works inside my email, no need to go back and forth, allows me to organize everything without actually leaving my email, it even allows me to reply to emails from within the app. It has a very good design and it has some interesting featues already. For a new app its impressive. But has some flaws:

    - Grouping cards is really good, but needs to have option to condensate view - Imagine that you group cards from a project that is running, easily you can have 10-15 different threads, this will take a huge amount of space in a list, you need to be able to condensate all the cards and see only the title (eventually some small icons indicating if there’s attachmenus and other info) . Making a list for each project is not an option when you have dozens of projects.

    - Mobile web apps are good enough, but lack a very important thing.. Searching.. You need to be able to search in the mobile web app, not all the people work all the time with a laptop. Sometimes when you are on the go you need to go mobile. Don't understand why there isn't search for mobile.

    - Create labels , you need to be able to create labels, not only apply them.

    - Option to import lists from existing labels

    Those I think are the most urgent, some other improvements are necessary but for now not urgent.

    It's a brilliant app, needs to mature but has a lot of interesting features.

    Hugo Cerqueira has used this product for one day.
  • Martin Lachev
    Martin LachevHeavy Metal!

    It is super easy to use. Defenetly saves time with the flow board because you can see your progress on every mail/task that you have.


    NNo cons at all. Suitable for both personal and bussiness use. Definetly try it.

    Very useful for people who handle a lot of email work. A life saver.

    Martin Lachev has used this product for one month.
  • Loreta Bahchevanova
    Loreta BahchevanovaCommunications expert

    Kanban for the e-mail, calendar and mail in one place, user-friendly


    Still developing features

    Amazing email skin! Can't wait for the new features :)

    Loreta Bahchevanova has used this product for one month.
  • Lyubomir Hristev
    Lyubomir HristevCo-founder @ Berger Neurorobotics

    1) The interface looks simple and easy-to-navigate;

    2) It seems as a good organizer for e-mail tasks and calendar events.


    New features can be added in the near future such as:

    1) Team members can interact together;

    2) Dependencies to be made among to-do cards;

    I`ve been hunting for a simple and more intuitive way to visualizing my tack of daily e-mails. I believe I just found it.

    Lyubomir Hristev has used this product for one day.
  • Stuti Bhageria
    Stuti BhageriaProduct Manager, Kite

    - Great UI

    - Very Intuitive and easy to use

    - Made email simple to manage


    - Creating a new email lacks formatting options

    Loving using this product. Recommended 4-5 of my friends already. Love the Trello feel

    Stuti Bhageria has used this product for one week.
  • Jennifer Sardam
    Jennifer SardamWriter, tech lover, Army Vet, traveler

    A great way to stay on track with my inbox!


    If there is a better way, I have not found it yet.

    I’m excited about how this could help me be more productive!

    Jennifer Sardam has used this product for one day.
  • Pros: 

    Very simple to set up


    Badly needs multi account support

    A very exciting product. One of those products that makes you think; why has nobody done this before? Looking forward to seeing further developments

    Matthew Denny has used this product for one day.
  • Pros: 

    Nice way to organize the work generated by emails in a kanban style, instead of working with labels, categories and so on in an inbox.


    Currently there is a delay to be updated the inbox with new emails. The team told me the live update feature will be available soon.

    Excited to see what other Power-Ups can be released in order to enhance even more Flow-e

    Deusdit Correa C. has used this product for one week.