Alex Heeton
Alex Heeton reviewedFlowBeautiful project & task management for teams

Fast, focused, flexible enough for both our design and dev teams.


Missing some dedicated software tracking features like velocity tracking, but we use labels and naming to get around this. Still worth it.

My favourite team management tool out of Trello, Basecamp, Asana and Pivotal tracker. My team was using the previous version of Flow for a couple of years, and this beta for the last few months. Psyched to see it all go live!

P.S. Love the music in the video :)

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Adam McCann
Adam McCann@assembledadam · Founder of
In fairness, proper velocity tracking (i.e. it being useful so it gives you a steer on how much the team can do in the next sprint) isn't even in JIRA! We had to build a custom tool to do this (in JIRA).