Instantly create native, light Mac apps for any web app

Turn it into any app, just by giving it a new name. It's like a phone on your Mac, and it will save your laptop's battery life.
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Hi Hunters! One day I looked at all the tabs I had open in my browser windows, and just decided to launch a new one, not even checking if I already had Twitter open. When I finally got to Twitter, I noticed that it's kind of interesting that Twitter takes up the whole screen, because my browser does. Then, I wondered why my laptop's fan was on, and why my battery drained so fast. Turns out, most apps today are huge. Flotato is not, in fact, Twitter in Flotato takes up a mere 10% of the memory Twitter in Chrome takes up. The app size is tiny, too. Trello's app is 14 times as big as Trello for Flotato. So anyway, I've been enjoying using it, so I thought I'd share with everyone here. It's free to use, but if you want to run a lot of apps at the same time, you can grab the Pro version at the price of a round of drinks, and even less with the code HUNTER, which gives you 30% off!
@mortenjust Would love to buy but the HUNTER code seems to be overused and no longer valid.
Roberto MateuA geeky coporate cog.
@t55 Hunter code is working again :)
@mortenjust what about privacy?
Fatih TuranUser Interface & Interaction Designer
What about the privacy? I didn't see any statement about privacy on your web site.
David PacklesDirector of Product @ Peloton
Agree! @mortenjust thoughts here?
Andreas Klinger
Remote First Capital 🏝 / AngelList ✌️
My brain hurts 🙀
Helen TruongFounder & Head of Design at Boken Studio
Really cool idea, I just downloaded to try it with a couple sites and apps, and want to check in regarding the privacy and security around storing the user credentials. (More specifically, Instagram and Twitter) Don't see any privacy policy & terms of service. Could you please elaborate on this? @mortenjust
Pratyush PoddarTech enthusiast

One of the most useful mac apps that I have used so far. I have shifted most of my apps to Flotato, like twitter, slack, jira, whatsapp, etc. They work beautifully and without eating a lot of RAM on my system.


Perfect replacement for a 1000 tabs or memory hungry apps for my Mac. Love it so far.


None. Have some feature requests, will keep posting them.

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