Give back to open source - for free

Flossbank allows you to support open source for free. Simply sign up, install the CLI, and voilà! Now, whenever you npm install in your terminal, you'll see an ad. The revenue from that ad goes directly towards the open source projects you just installed!
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Flossbank was founded recently to remove the financial barrier to giving back to open source. Now anyone can give back, for free, as soon as they start programming. Hopefully this can shift the funding open source paradigm moving forward! Check out how easy it is in the video above and drop us a line at support@flossbank.com with any feedback or general questions about getting involved
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I've been demoing Flossbank and have really liked it. It's one of those tools that you can "forget" about easily because you're not always installing things, but then when you do, you can remember that you're supporting open source in the process! Plus, I've discovered a couple cool tools from the ads as well, I admit.
@cassidoo Ahhh that's the dream! Thanks for demoing Cassidy!
How does it work?
@kruksharita We've created a package manager wrapper that allows developers to give back to the open source packages they use with no maintenance! Plus we've introduced a "free" option so that anybody can give back to open source, totally removing the financial barrier that currently exists.
Excited to use this in my daily work!
@cami_williams Thanks Cami! I'm glad you like it
Really excited to have a new way to give back to open source!
@_grahm Thanks Graham. Even if Flossbank doesn't work out, we hope it is a forcing function to continue the conversation around funding open source work