Omni-channel customer engagement AI chatbot

Floatbot is omni-channel AI powered messaging channel with live chat support. Create floatbot for your business and float it to multiple platform within minutes.

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Thanks a lot @writerpollock for endorsing us! Hope we’ll be able to earn such trust! Greetings, product hunters! We’re really excited to be in your presence today! Chintan here, Co-founder at Floatbot, omni-channel DIY chatbot development platform with customer engagement features. Floatbot allows businesses to create chatbot and float in multiple platforms within minutes. Business can interact with their customers using natural language and workflows. Within 15 Minutes any business can develop its chatbot. No coding knowledge is required to develop chatbot in floatbot. Floatbot facilitates business owners with live chat feature as a fall back of chatbot. Along with live chat there are also many features available for customer engagement and support. **Features Include:** - DIY Chatbot with workflow and NLP support: Floatbot gives you a simple and easy to use Dashboard with the help of which anyone can create a chatbot with required workflows and NLP support. - Switch to live chat - Chat directly to your customers On Fallback of the chatbot customers need not to wait for responses. Live chat feature enables any business to have a live chat with their customers. - Customer engagement Using Floatbot a business can implement various customer engagement updates such as broadcasts, polls, surveys, videos, images and much more. - E-Commerce over chat Any online E-Commerce store can manage its store using a chatbot created In Floatbot. Business can have direct communication in need. - iBeacon support It also supports iBeacon, which helps business to engage customers using Beacons. - Omni-channel Chatbots developed in Floatbot are truly omni-channel, can be used in website, mobile app, messenger and more. - Multiple platform Integration. Various platforms are available for chatbot integration in Floatbot. - Agent communication and collaboration. Not only Customer communication, but internal agents can also communicate with each other with the help of Floatbot. - Integration with custom AI Engine. Floatbot supports integration with various AI engines, it is not mandatory to set AI rules inside Floatbot. Interesting? Make us all happy, then, and give Floatbot a try! And don’t hesitate to share your feelings and feedback with us on this very thread! Thanks for your attention!
Coming from a retailtech background I found this robust tool pretty interesting for customer communication across a multitude of channels.
This looks like an exact rip of Chatfuel's UI... what's different?
@connorcirillo You get to place the chatbot in your website and in your mobile apps (through SDK)