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The #1 app for women's menstrual health 💆‍♀️


AI-driven women's health platform. Chosen by 60M women worldwide. Take full control of your health with Flo. #flo

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I've been using this app for many many cycles. Psyched to see it here on PH. Go Flo!


Super easy to use


None really

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I've been using it regularly for quite some time (almost a year) and love how easy to use it is, all the options it has and the insights it provides. Great UI/UX design as well!


Easy to use, intuitive and provides beautifully what it is supposed to (cycle predictions, tracking and more!). Integration with other apps


I'd love to get more articles for trying to conceive women (but not really a con)

I've been using this app for almost a year and I absolutely love it! It's so useful for tracking my cycle, general mood, etc. The content is also really educational :)


Easy to use, super handy, gives great data


I sometimes forget to log things (not really a con, but the experience overall is way better when there's more data in it)