A feed of ephemeral pictures and messages you flip through

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Hey everyone, I'm the maker of FlipFeed. FlipFeed is an ephemeral photos and messages app where you get 30 seconds before a new photo or message is flipped open. (Or you can swipe if you wish to skip). You can post photos, and messages, and you can even directly reply to anyone on the app to start a private conversation. The uses are many including sharing photos, statuses, maybe even can be used as a craigslist alternative, dating, etc. iOS app is available in the App Store. And what about Android users, you might ask? No worries, I love you guys, too! On the site (flipfeed.co), you can signup to be notified when FlipFeed Android is available. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the product. Thank you very much!
A few of my friends ask me how they can change the background color and text color when posting a text message. It's very easy - just move your finger on the screen to change the background color. If you want to change the text-color, move the finger on the screen while you're editing the text (when the keyboard is open). 😍😎