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#3 Product of the WeekOctober 30, 2014
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Excited about additional personalization within Flipboard. It is already one of the few daily-use apps on my phone; I'm eager to see whether this personalization makes my usage even more sticky.
@mishachellam We're excited that you're excited! You can get crazy deep in topics - not just sports but windsurfing or rock climbing, not just photography but adventure travel photography! Flipboard can be as deep and personal as you want. And we'll still mix in some random things into your feed to ensure you don't get caught in the filter bubble. Let me know how you like it after playing around with 3.0 over the next few weeks!
flipboard is actually one of those few apps that I install first on a new phone. I always seem to find something interesting in there, and the design / engineering team blows my mind.
@davidkmckinney This is great to hear! Thanks for the support, David. Let us know how you're liking the latest release.
I actually saw my engagement with FlipBoard drop off over the last year or so. I like the app and still use it occasionally. Perhaps, they could look into exclusive content else it is just a very pretty aggregator.
@alxmlv Hey Alex - check us out again. While Flipboard is more beautiful than ever before (particularly on phones), you're right that being pretty isn't enough. We've made some big changes to the core experience: 1) We've expanded from 30 topics (news, sports, tech) to 34,000!! So you can follow "action heroes" or "zoology" or "natural language processing" and get the best content in the world for that topic. It's magic! 2) We've introduced The Daily Edition, to give you the top news of the day, curated by our editorial team. Every morning at 7am you'll get a curated roundup of the most important stories in news, business, tech, sports, culture. And a Parting GIF because...who doesn't love a great GIF. I know @dshan does! Exclusive content is something we'll explore - we're always thinking of ways to get more content on the site. But we already stand apart from aggregators in a few ways. Our partnerships with the premier publishing brands across the world give you access to content you can't find anywhere, including publishers' own websites. Our users curate content that isn't found in aggregators - blog posts, cool products, etc. - and impart crucial editorial judgment. They help us answer the hardest questions - is this cool? Users have created more than 10 million magazines on Flipboard. Here are a few of the most moving: http://inside.flipboard.com/2014... Give 3.0 a try and let me know what you think. Hopefully we're not just a pretty face!
@jonstull I installed the new version and it is beautiful :) I like what you have done.
I'm still amazed by the way the company thinks. Not sure how they pull it off, but every time I open up the app, it gives me the articles I need and the ones that I'm interested in. Looks totally gorgeous on iPhone 6.
@imkarthikk Great to hear. Let me know how you like the new Flipboard!
There is a concept I've seen pop up lately about how brands are connected to a specific UI. Flipboard has tons of competition, but it has a signature UI element (the flip). It's great to see them try to push forward, and I really like Flipboard. I have always wondered whether products that are so heavily connected to a specific UI can last over the long term. At some point that flip won't have "WOW" effect anymore, and with so much competition, I wonder about Flipboard.
@UXAndrew Great point about the novelty of Flipboards UI wearing down. I believe they have a long lasting affect due to the fact that they have great relationships with publishers, especially ones with good content. 3.0 to me looks like the maturation of Flipboard, it's not just a beautiful RSS reader anymore, it's a serious platform for engaging with content you care about — from the very niche to the mainstream.
@kingsleyharris @UXAndrew I didn't want to go so far as to say "novelty". I think few companies are able to so thoroughly connect UI to brand, and Flipboard succeeded. Not only that, they succeeded without the help of microcopy (Shazaam comes to mind, for example)!
@kingsleyharris @UXAndrew Thanks, Kingsley! glad you like 3.0! I think user curation is also a long-term advantage. Our users have created 10m magazines, but before 3.0, they were hard to discover. We're now featuring and recommending the best magazines to our users, so it should encourage even more unique curation. We made some videos about some of our most interesting curators here: http://inside.flipboard.com/2014...
@UXAndrew @kingsleyharris Interesting points around brand and UI. The flip is obviously a core part of our experience today, and we spend a lot of time making sure it continues to provide a fantastic reading experience. But as with any part of our product, nothing is sacrosanct. We're always experimenting with different UX elements, and we have betas and test versions with flipping, scrolling and some other crazy interaction models. In fact, our Windows Phone product recently launched with scrolling (to some consternation from the Windows Phone community who love the Flip). But, as Kingsley said, we try to be so much more than the flip: the best content, the most personalized recommendations, and a thriving user community generating unique and surprising user-curated magazines. Let me know how we're delivering on that promise. And whether the Flip still does the trick for you!