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Hi everyone, our team are discussing to implement a feature we called "posts near by you", this feature will allow user to see posts near by user's geolocation, so these posts should be closer to our life, how do you think? AMA!
Sometimes we get stuck in making decisions. Why not let the community decide for you instantly.
@jimiwen Thanks! We're so excited here!
@gradyzhou can you discuss about why you guys made this app? and what kind of feedback are you looking for here?
@jimiwen Thanks for your asking, I left a new comment.
Hi everyone, I just want to explain why we make this product. Last time my girl friend and I were in shopping mall, she saw 2 bags and didn't know which one should she buy, so she asked me to help her choose, after I gave her my opinion, she wasn't satisfied and started to ask her friends' feedback by Facebook and others. She told me why there are no product can help her make decisions and get feedback easily from friends, so we made it! 1. How's the experience about our App, is the interface easy to use? 2. What kind of situation you would like to use Flingy? 3. Any features you want us to provide? i.e. searching the posts around your location.
No Android?
@marcomatisch Thanks for asking, be honestly, our resource doesn't allow us to develop iOS and Android in the same time, but we will release Android after few months.
@mrkaikao Ok... Sounds like long waiting for it...
@marcomatisch We will let you know after android version is released. :)