Flimbo 2.0

A simple and easy to use design tool for everyone.

Create beautiful graphic designs through ready templates, icons, texts and images, customize with our powerful drag and drop online editor and publish directly to your social media.

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Hi guys, do you plan to let users share their arts as public for everyone inside the platform?
@douglashermann We are definitely thinking on how to make Flimbo more sociable for users so they can interact more with each other. Not sure if making arts public is the exact way yet but we are on it!
What's the main differences between Flimbo and others design tools like Canva?
@gabriel_engel We have a few differences and extra features. To name a few: Instead of having to pay one dollar for icons or images, with Flimbo it is all free to use. You can also connect to your social media profiles and business pages to post directly from inside our tool. That being said, we would like to simplify as possible the design process and delivery an easy end-to-end scenario. If you want a post for Facebook, you can design inside Flimbo and post it directly there. If you need a business card, you can design inside Flimbo and have it delivered on your door. We allow the users to get everything done in the same place.
Hey there Product Hunters 🤗 I am glad to announce here the launch of a big update to our product: Flimbo 2.0! It has been quite a journey since we started Flimbo as a side project one year ago. We are a very small team (3 people) based on the south of Brazil with a really ambitious goal: Make design simple for everyone. Flimbo 2.0 is the first release after we got our first round 2 months ago and it comes with a LOT of nice features and improvements: - Create color palettes for your brand, upload logos and custom fonts; - Automatically resize your designs to new dimensions (Facebook to Twitter, etc.); - Share designs with your colleagues so you can work together; - New templates and icons collections; - Improvements on the editor usability (alignment lines); I know there are still a lot of space for improvements on the product, but we are just getting started! Looking forward to receive your feedbacks and reviews 😁 Ps. Use the discount cupom "PRODUCTHUNTER" to have a free month on our Professional plan!

Flimbo is a great surprise, it really made the design simple!


User friendly, intuitive, easy way to create content for social medias


Nothing that I realized

Congrats on launch! You deliver lovability routinely!


The UI and UX are on point as always!


It is missing a multi-selection feature for the elements inside the editor