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FlightStatus is a simple and elegant way to keep track of your travels and the ones of your friends and family if you are their ride to or from the airport.

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Expedia purchased FlightTrack and all it's IP. Do you have legal permission to call it this?
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@court_kizer unlikely: In fact, the more that I think about this, the more I don't like it. I can see someone naive and inexperienced making the mistake of thinking FlightTrack might be ok, since the other app is effectively defunct, but calling it 6 is an intentional mischaracterization that fraudulently suggests continuity and association.
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Hey @timroesner This looks good, but it looks very similar to the original FlightTrack app, Flight Track 5 by Mobiata that was discontinued in 2017 -- are you aiming to get that going again?
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@amedeodamore Somewhat. I use the same data provider as they did and was a big fan of their app.
@timroesner Thanks Tim! I was a big fan of their app as well. How similar is yours to theirs? Before I put down £5, am curious what to expect? For example FlightTrack5 also had some data about the % of flights for any particular route/flight path that were on time vs late - etc. Just curious if these are the sorts of features you have or plan to add at some point?
@amedeodamore Just launched a big update with Push notifications, TripIt integration, and AirDrop. The on time performance per flight is on the roadmap and planned for another update.
Hey @timroesner, What makes this app stand out from other similar ones out there?
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@jacqvon Since FlightTrack 5 disappeared I tried a lot of the other apps. Most of them feel too cluttered and aren’t very intuitive.
What is the difference between this and FlightAware?
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@rmagrino FlightAware shows you all the en route flights (in your area). This app is geared to when you’re traveling yourself and need to keep track of a single flight and shows information like terminal, gate, delay etc They are quite different
Tracking your travels is so much easier with this app. Keep up the work. All the best.
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