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Netflix products keep emerging on Product Hunt, it's about time someone created a collection of them. ;)
My go-to site (since being hunted) is flixfindr because I can search across Netflix, Prime, HBO GO, etc. FlickSurfer isn't super unique, but it's easy to browse and looks great on mobile. ๐Ÿ‘
@stttories I really like flixfindr especially the UI and UX, I wish I had such good design skills. They solved the problem of aggregating all streaming services in one place which isn't easy to do. For me the feature I wanted the most was IMDB ratings and I couldn't find a site that would allow me to do that, so I decided to build one. I'm really happy that you like the mobile site. Initially FlickSurfer was desktop only, but after my friend posted the site on Reddit without telling me I saw that 50% of users where accessing the site via mobile, that made me quickly realise I had to pull an all-nighter to add a mobile site (doing that on a Wednesday night was pretty painful :)). Thanks again for the feedback.
Hey guys, I'm the developer of FlickSurfer. Happy to answer any questions you may have (there might be a few hours of lag as it's already 2am here).
@n1te1337 what inspired you to make this / where do you want to take it?
@eriktorenberg I was looking for a site which allowed sorting Netflix catalog by IMDB ratings and I couldn't find one. I knew that after Amazon released Amazon Instant Video there was very little to no chance that Netflix would ever add this feature (since Amazon owns IMDB) so I decided to build it myself. It was also a good opportunity to do some NLP work and to play with elasticsearch which I wanted to use for a while. In terms of where I want to take the site, I want to add features based on user feedback. Right now by far the two most requested features are support for other Netflix regions and support for other streaming services. They are quite big tasks but I'll do my best to add them depending on my availability (haven't decided which feature I should focus on first).
@n1te1337 can you make it mobile friendly? also add an alter system when a high rated movie is added to Netflix?
@ourielohayon great suggestion about the alert system will definitely be adding it! I tried to make the site mobile friendly as best as I could, which screen resolutions are you after?
Love it...feel like I've used other similar search products but for some reason I find it easier to discover something new on yours. Seems easier to pick multiple categories and I love the ability to search by average rating. Good stuff!
@Hello_BenHere thanks a lot, really happy that you find it useful!
Nice tool. But still no Japan Netflix. Hope, they will add it too.