Flexie CRM

Flexible Solution to manage your business

Flexie is a powerful CRM which helps you connecting the dots along your entire customer journey, best for ambitious small and medium sized companies with big growth plans.

The unique features of Flexie are the capabilities to get data from any channels and build the business flow within it's powerful Workflow Engine.

  • António Almeida
    António AlmeidaI do WordPress websites.

    CRM flexibility. Views available to display data. Marketing automation flow. Integrated case, forms and tasks. Fast and receptive support.


    Can't say anything. There are not perfect systems but 99% of my requests are implemented by the team that keeps improving the software

    I've been using it to manage my business for the last 3/4 months.

    From mailbox to support cases management. Task management and project management. Deal management from prospecting to closing.

    It has a powerful built-in webhook feature that allows to communicate to external SaaS.

    Google calendar integration is there by default and also the possibility to increase productivity through templates and customized reports using SQL queries.

    The ice on the cake is the marketing automation features. The possibilities are endless.

    At the end of the day, it is a serious player in the marketing automation space that deserves a look. It is really a "hidden" gem.

    António Almeida has used this product for one month.
  • Eric Axelrod
    Eric AxelrodPresident & Chief Architect, DIGR

    Amazing marketing automation


    Honestly can't of any

    Flexie can automate pretty much anything. Outbound or inbound email, sms, and voice phone. And it can orchestrate other tools via API. So it can drive social media tools and other 3rd party apps to enrich your data and workflows.

    And it's far more robust than competing tools.

    Eric Axelrod has used this product for one year.
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1 tool that simply can replace so many other tools. Custom entities work great and the support is best i have ever experienced.
Hany M
Hany M@hanoon
I have been using Flexie as one of the beta testers in it's early stages and soon after moved to the production platfrom, I'm impressed with the speed it is growing with as well as the quality of the platform. Platform is well on target - Every feature is properly integrated and has value that can convert "measured" directly to the business. After using it for years as CRM to manage leads, conversions, marketing automation and utilizing many of the features out of the box - recently we replaced our client support ticketing system with cases module which integrates perfectly with our API providing seamless integration and one unique experience to end users. On the other end - I see huge value in customized support - Many of the big players are not interested in working with a startup specific customization requirements however in our end we had great support and flow of features that are one step ahead of the market demand. Keep it up Flexie team!