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Workplace wellness is an important topic, now that it's becoming clear that "sitting is the new smoking." Having subtle (or not so subtle) reminders to stretch with instructions seems like an amazing benefit to offer employees--or to kick your own butt into gear!
@kikischirr can't agree more.
@kikischirr @rameshdot0 : great product Ramesh! Agree: living well for the time we spend at work!
Thanks for hunting our brand new bot, @sinned! flexbot is your personal wellness bot for Slack. It creates healthy habits by delivering contextual, timely reminders within slack. The reminders include physical therapy stretches, meditations, breathing techniques, restorative yoga and of course water reminders. The bot also checks in with you through the day about sleep, stress, body pains etc and suggests corrective actions. In addition to the reminders, the bot also has on demand content available through slash commands on Slack - /meditate, /yoga, /stretch Give it a spin, we have about 150 teams on it in private beta and we are opening the private beta to producthunters today!
@rameshdot0 @sinned Congratulations Ramesh. Love the idea.
@rameshdot0 @sinned On Product Hunt and BotList on the same day?! Ouuuuu... what a day! https://botlist.co/bots/1749-fle...
@chughtweets @sinned Thank you , appreciate your comment. Hope you like it
@rameshdot0 nice bot! Installed!
Some of you have asked what's the stack we are using - we are using botkit by @HowdyAI (@benbrown @spenceke) For chat metrics, we are using our good friend @sinned 's @dashbotio For general data analysis, we use @getbotmetrics by @iamclovin and @_sandeep Check these tools out - they are awesome. And yes, support from @slackhq has been awesome h/t @stewart
@rameshdot0 thanks for the shoutout! We're @getbotmetrics ;) /cc @_sandeep
As a big fan of the Headspace app (which has really helped me declutter my mind), I'm eager to try out flexbot.ai. Well done team flexbot.ai
@paul_s_kemp we love headspace too. we intend to bring in some awesome content like headspace into flexbot
@rameshdot0 @paul_s_kemp I don't know if they have an API, but it would be awesome if you could just easily integrate the two :)
@nirbenita @paul_s_kemp yup, some integrations are in the works!
We are the same team who made the Chrome extension PRESENT . We thought since more and more people are getting on to slack, this might be a great way to engage. you might like this @paul_s_kemp @stevesi @violetanedkova @zacherynielson @ptempska @kidoki @nidhidoshi9