Flex Budgeting Worksheet

Spending is flexible, so why isn't your budget?

The Flex Budgeting worksheet helps you document expenses, plan your savings, and calculate a flexible spending allowance for you and your family.
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Hey ProductHunt! The fundamental problem with most budgets and budgeting tools is they assume that we are strict, routine, and habituals spenders. Designating a fixed amount of spending per month for groceries, clothing, restaurants, or gasoline seems like a good idea on paper, but it’s just wishful optimism. Life happens, and spending changes. The problem is that there are too many rules to follow, too much mental math, and too many damn receipts. I've used every tool out there, but none of them work. So I decided to make a flexible budget that better supported the way people actually spend their money. I've spent several years studying my own habits with money, and this is the only budget I've been able to stick to. If you want to learn more about this budgeting method, check out my post over on Medium: https://medium.com/@jon.moore/yo...