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#2 Product of the DayFebruary 19, 2014
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Welcome, @roryreiff! I first saw Fleck at the PIE Demo Day (
). Beautiful design. Of course competing in the photo-sharing space is super challenging. How are you marketing and acquiring users? cc my Portland startup homies @adamd, @turoczy, @marshallk
Hi everyone - would love to get your feedback on what we are doing with Fleck. My cofounder and I are building Fleck, an iOS app that let's users contribute to curated photo streams by topic (like Street Art, Typography, and Ink). Think a mobile-first Pinterest, except everything is grouped by topics, and there is no social layer to manage. Thanks!
Thanks @rrhoover! So far, our best avenue has been traction in the design community - we were covered by Fast Company Design, included in a Herman Miller newsletter, and in this month's issue of House & Home. We have some other press pending soon too that fits our target audience closely (designers, creatives, fashionistas). We are also growing internationally just as quickly as in the US, so will be localizing to some international markets soon and push for similar press and getting featured in those App Stores. Hope that answers your question!
@rrhoover Loving Product Hunt. So good. Glad to see Fleck on here ;)
@roryreiff Cool, I've always wanted a mobile community around architecture. Have you tried a tile layout to view images? It takes me back to category list after I leave a comment and I have to scroll back to where I left off within the category. What I'm liking right now is that I see cool architecture in Helsinki, which I'll be visiting next week - so now I know what interesting buildings to look for. :)