Dave Kover
Dave Kover reviewedFlatten 2.0 for SketchNon-destructive layer flattening and mirroring in Sketch

Allows for easy mirroring of artboards without the tedium of copy/pasting or extraneous symbols


None (for the use cases we've identified in our design process)

Long gone are the days of manually updating screens in user flows or storyboards. Once you set up your screens via Flatten you can confidently export your flows when needed, knowing that all your views will reflect the most current state of design. *And* it accomplishes all of this without cluttering up your symbols (which is great if you are a symbol organizing junkie like myself).

Dave Kover has used this product for one year.
Emin Inanc Unlu
Emin Inanc Unlu@einancunlu · Product Designer & Prototyper
Hey Dave, thanks for the review! Happy to hear that it has been helpful to you.