Flatbook for Google Chrome

Make Facebook look sexy again... in seconds

Flatbook for Google Chrome is the way you can see things posted on Facebook, that you actually want to see by filtering your posts. This extension allows you to have the experience you want to experience without going to the official Facebook.

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2 Reviews5.0/5
So, it's like the Justin Timberlake of Chrome Extensions, @mattnavarra?
@mattnavarra - Hi Matt, Nice to meet you here, i hope you recognize my face..:) #TNW I've tried flatbook before few months, it looked okay for few days of use, then i switched back to the original..
Ugly non retina icons, so no.
Pretty cool! Needs to be optimized for retina displays.
I really like the design and it makes Facebook very beautiful but like @vladzima, non retina icons are not great on a Retina Mac. It is possible to make retina icons please ? It would be perfect with my current setup : FB Purity and Facebook friends feed
This does the impossible: makes Facebook actually look sexy