Flat Icons

20,000 unique, customizable icons with free lifetime updates

#2 Product of the WeekMarch 26, 2020
Never pay for icon sets or subscriptions again, this bundle with free lifetime updates has it all.
✔ All icons in AI, EPS, SVG, PDF, PNG & IconJar
✔ Low intro price (and 50% off for PH)
✔ Commercial license; Use in an unlimited number of commercial projects
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Hello Hunters! I’m Paul, the founder of Flat-Icons.com. We’ve been designing icons for a while, and we thought it was about time to pack a whoooolllle lot of them into one big bundle. And update it regularly with new icons, ‘forever’ (ok, probably not for like a few hundred years or so, but still). There are many places to buy icons, but if you are looking for big numbers and high quality, you will usually need to take a subscription. And I don’t know about you, but I hate subscriptions. I just want to pay one time and get over with it. Each icon we design goes through a rigorous design process. First, we do market research for new themes and decide which icons need to go in the set. One of our designers will then hand-sketch the concepts and digitalize the icons. The designer shows daily progress of the work to one of the senior designers who will mainly check the concepts and consistency in the set. When this phase is finished, the Quality Control Team comes in and checks each and every icon, zooms out 6400% (the max. zoom in Adobe Illustrator) and make sure everything is fine ‘to the pixel’. If all is well, the icons are exported to the different file formats. The eye for detail translates into many awards on the platforms and marketplaces we sell on; more often than not, our icons are handpicked and featured on the homepage of Iconfinder and we’ve been featured in many newsletters. To make this a no-brainer for the PH community, here’s a coupon for 50% off: Use coupon code ‘PH50’ and receive 50% off on the already damn low price of $79 (so you can get the bundle now for $39.50).
@mr_jansen Absolutely stunning icons !!
Wow, that’s a huge bundle! Very good value for money. How are the files organized, can I easily search through them?
@robbin_schuchmann Thanks for the compliment 😊. Yeah so when you purchase the bundle, you’ll get access to the dashboard where all the files are organized by style and per set. You can use the search function to find the theme you’re looking for. On top of that, for Mac users we’ve included the Iconjar files. For Windows users: Nucleo is a good alternative which supports Iconjar files!
How does flaticon.com feel about this?
@thejfkshow I don't know, because our url's are pretty similar you mean?
@thejfkshow @mr_jansen yeah, your product looks like fishing. Also it's hard to understand, what for have you created yet one more icons catalogue?
@levrybakov I don't agree. Can there only be one website/product per category? We spend a lot of time and energy on each icon we create and we launched a very good deal imo for people who don't want to pay for an icon subscription. Is the idea of launching an icon product super original? No, there I agree with you. I think the execution is though.
I love Lifetime deals and your acollection is awesome. Thanks
@todo_ltd Thanks for the compliment!