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I am happy to announce our team's launch of Flare for Android. Flare, a community app that allows people to share, get feedback on, and refine their ideas - whether to start new or grow existing businesses. We launched the iOS version in May, and the app was featured by Apple in the App Store earlier this month in its “New Apps We Love” section. Similar to the iOS version, with Flare, entrepreneurs can quickly poll followers for feedback on the feasibility, desirability, or pricing of their idea, among other things. Included is a new feature that allows both entrepreneurs and followers to post comments, questions, and updates to promote more engagement and interaction. Feedback is very welcomed!
Hi Tina, will this be available outside of the USA?
@stinhambo Flare is currently released only for the US and Canada at the moment. There are no immediate plans yet for other countries.
@simplrdesign Why? I had the app but I can't use it anymore (Belgium)
Hi @nimmegeersstef, we are excited by all the interest in Flare from abroad and want to go global as quickly as possible and so we're working on nailing the experience and some of the local aspects - eg discovery of nearby ideas - before opening it up beyond US and Canada markets. We hope to be able to make Flare available to everyone soon.
But the basis of flare, is to take a great idea and share it with the community? Who's to say that the idea won't be stolen and monetized and/or fully developed? Shouldn't ideas for services or apps be protected? And if so, how do you guys protect the individual who creates said services or ideas?
I did give it a download and I'm testing it now
Why Cant i download from India Playstore