A sharing bar to encourage visitors to spread your content

#3 Product of the DayNovember 30, 2014
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The guys at Digital Telepathy make beautiful stuff. My favorite part of Flare is the mobile sharing aspects. They really focused on making sharing intuitive from mobile devices.
pay *monthly* for social sharing buttons ( perhaps this offers a lot more features, but it's just not for me )
@saijo_george I agree with you, something as simple as mobile share for a monthly fee is a bit overhead for me too. As soon as i saw mobile version is only in PRO, i was disappointed. I think some analytics for example can be for extra money, and so on, since it would involve data storing, but in nowadays - when you can't ignore mobile market, this kind of thing forces you to choose PRO version. Me as a customer don't like to be forced. As a product it has a very nice design and mobile share layout idea is a great solution.
Great product with lovely design sense.
I absolutely love this mobile design. Stealing it for sure