Flappy Royale is a battle royale-styled game influenced by Flappy Bird. It takes the competitive nature of a battle royale where far too many people play at once, with the un-forgiving nature of flappy games.
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Engineer on TypeScript
Hey folks, yep - so Flappy Royale is out and ready for all to download and play! I'm pumped, we've been working on this for months and had 10 million games got played during the beta
Anthony Dike 🌻🐝
Building Brand @ProductPersonHQ
Holy crap I love the creativity in this! The fornite bus in the beginning haha. Great work on the game 👍
Hrishikesh Pardeshi
Co-founder & CTO at Remote Tools
Damn, this is addictive! Level up to Flappy Bird ;)
Played it tons and love the 100 bird challenge!plus the haptic feedback on the iPhone is amazing!!
Josh ChoiWhatever it takes.
Oh so THIS is what your tweets were about! Excited to try it out :)
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