A fun and fully interactive live blogging app for iOS

Hello Hunters! I am extremely excited to introduce my live blogging platform FlagPoll. We technically launched our beta in August of 2016, but we've yet to do any heavy marketing for the client. Since our initial launch into the App Store, we've changed many features inside the app and actually had to pivot quite a bit with our overall concept. FlagPoll allows anyone to create enterprise level blogs and articles on their iPhone. Each blog entry comes with a timer, live chat room, poll / voting engine and media sharing built right in. Our goal is to allow our users to bring their content to life in an entirely new and engaging way. Some key differentiators between FlagPoll and other micro-blogging platforms (Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr, etc.) are: ( 1 ) FlagPoll replaces traditional comment sections with poll questions. This allows both creator and reader to easy contribute and see how others feel about the same topic. (2) FlagPoll Live Blogs allow the blogger to upload pictures, SoundCloud audio files, YouTube clips and Tweets to their post. (3) Each Live Blog has it's own live chat room so that readers and publisher can chat in real-time about the blog. (4) All content and topics are timed. On FlagPoll it's all about being a part of the topics and issues that matter to you. Once the timer stops, the conversation / live blog is over and it's on to the next! FlagPoll is ONLY a prototype at this point. We still have quite a lot of features we'd like to add AND the client does have a few bugs. But we feel it's more than ready to be introduced to the PH community. Feel free to download the app and give us your feedback on your experience. Thanks!
The app crashes immediately after I signed up and try to log in. Cant log in anymore. Got a iPhone 7 with iOS 10.2
@eric_url I just signed up again with an iPhone 7 and the app didn't crash at all. Currently, we require users to authenticate via email after their first session, but once you do that, you should be able to log in just fine. Can you confirm if you've completed this process at all?
Yes i have clicked the link in the mail as usual. It send me back to the app and crashed immediately. I have delete the app and reinstalled it, but it don't work.
@eric_url hmm...that is really weird. If you'd like, please email info@flagpoll.me with your username and email and I can manually have it reset. The app shouldn't be crashing at all tho... so weird. Thisis literally the first case we've had of this happening. I guess that's why it good to test 😬🤔. So sorry for the inconvenience...