Boost email engagement by adding names to your subscribers ๐Ÿ‘

Got emails for your subscribers but not their names? ๐Ÿค”

FixWho is the easiest way to add names to your email trove, supercharging subscriber engagement by up to 50%.

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Hey Product Hunt! Super excited to share FixWho with the community. Weโ€™ve designed FixWho so it would no longer be a hassle to add names to your email subscribers. You can paste emails or import them from Mailchimp or Intercom. Once FixWho has got names for your subscribers, you can download them or sync them back up to Mailchimp or Intercom. If you are a FullContact user then you can enable it in FixWho to even get better results. We would love to hear you thoughts!
@ccharlesworth So... you're saving all of these e-mails and then selling them, right? I mean, that's my assumption. (It's not like there's a privacy policy there that says you're NOT doing this) This is a genius list-building strategy!
@rossdcurrie if your assumptions are correct, this is very dangerous trend to steal customer data. @ccharlesworth must update before May 25, 2018 to make it GDPR compliance.
@rossdcurrie hi ross, FixWho was built to help with subscriber engagement and with friendly purposes in mind only. But you make a very good point, I will add a privacy policy asap.
@rossdcurrie @npanigrahy GDPR compliance added to the roadmap!
@rossdcurrie @npanigrahy Privacy policy added, thank you for your feedback!

The integration with mailchimp is great and you can enhance your mailing list in a matter of minutes. Your next campaign is going to be way more personale :)


It is very accurate in matching email addresses to real names (about 85%)


Only 100 email addresses in the free version, but still good enough to understand the value of the product

Great idea...having the names will definitely help you get a higher open rate. I tried a bunch of my own email address & it worked. Congrats..!
@wutang05 thank you ๐Ÿ˜Š
Hi Chico, love this simple idea. It almost seems like the code is just recognizing names in the email address and assuming them to be for an actual first or last name. Especially since this process happens so quickly. Can you speak to that at all? Thanks! Here's a screenshot from my experience with FixWho.
@arecenello Thanks Anthony ๐Ÿ˜Š There is a small overlap of first names that can also be last names and vice-versa, e.g. Connor or Taylor, so what you're saying is possible. We're working hard to address this as we can take into account the popularity of a name for each case. Happy to touch base and go into more detail!
@ccharlesworth Yes but please speak to my assumption that you are just looking for potential names from the address and placing them in the FIRST and LAST name area.
@arecenello yes your assumption is right, we are looking for potential names in the email address against a list of first & last names.
A. good luck. B. how do you do it?
@hakosam thanks Sam! FixWho has an extensive-ish list of first & last names and matches them to each email, we've found the accuracy to be pretty good. For the odd few troublesome emails where FixWho does not find a match, you can enable the FullContact integration and FixWho uses the FullContact API to try and resolve names for those.
@ccharlesworth yay for "Big Data"