Eject water from your phone's speakers after getting it wet.

#4 Product of the DayFebruary 24, 2019
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How it works?

It works just like the ⌚️ Apple watch's built-in water ejection feature. It plays a specific tone that generates sound waves which causes the water to be ejected.

  • Ben Travis
    Ben Travislikes analytics and useful things

    Simple concept and easy to use


    Button emoji weren't showing up on my phone for some reason.

    It's simple and works, well done!

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  • Pros: 

    Clean interface, actually works, all around great way to fix your accidents that we all have


    Nothing that ive found

    This app can save you when you pour water on your $1400 dollar piece of technology that you aren't exactly ready to get rid of...

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Joseph Maxim (@josephmxm)
Joseph Maxim (@josephmxm)Maker@josephmaxim
Hey Product Hunters! Just thought Id share this web app I built over the weekend. hope you guys find it useful. ✌🏻
Avi@aviaryan123 · Freelance Developer
Great work, just had the use for it. :)
kyle king
kyle king@kyle_king2
Really cool app
Sarthak Sharma
Sarthak Sharma@sarthaksharma0 · Always finding new problems to solve
Wow that’s creative 👌🏻