Create and share fun animated GIFs using your Android phone.

Hi my name is Sasank. Thought I would share a fun app we created for Android. Happy to answer any questions!
Wow, an Android-first app! ;) Welcome, @thecleanmachine. What did you do before building the app to validate demand for Fixie? There are soooo many mobile communication/GIF/photo-sharing apps out there.
Good question @rrhoover. It was born out of experimentation we have been doing in the area of using photos as a means of communication as opposed to memory. You see this trend with other apps like Whisper and Snapchat as well. Also, we found that people were getting comfortable taking videos but creating even short ones (that were 5 seconds like Vine) still takes a lot of effort - especially if you want to make something compelling. With that in mind, we went about creating an app that really focused on enabling people to create quick snapshots with a press of a button and enabling extras (like doodles, text, and borders) to add a bit more self expression capabilities.
@thecleanmachine - No doubt there's a large and growing movement toward media communication, the #realtalk question is: How are you going to stand out from the crowd and get adoption? :)
Design is a big differentiator for the app - really focused on making it fast and easy to create and share GIFs. In terms of adoption, we've been lucky to be featured by Google Play. Also, a lot of adoption is driven by the sharing in the app. Most of the GIFs are shared privately through existing networks such as WhatsApp, Line, and Kakao Talk. Once someone gets a GIF, they want to create one and they download the app too. So the sharing is really driving things as well.