Cheap and Healthy Meal Plans, Delivered 🥕


By using Machine learning we can turn National Grocery stores into Paleo, Keto, Ez and Plant based mealplans then each week you get groceries that match your lifestyle AND recipes for amazing food. It's not just healthy, its affordable! Prices start at $4.00 a meal! We deliver fresh same day from a local grocer so there is no box waste!

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Brandon Creek
Jeffrey Biles
Connor Boltman
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  • Pros: 

    Great meal plans for cheap. Takes care of all your shopping (except spices) and planning for the week.


    You have to buy your own spices. But for the price they're selling at it makes sense - hard to make a profit if shipping spices every week.

    Great company that's trying to solve some real problems. I'm happy to see that they recently added an "easy" plan, as my time in the kitchen is limited.

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  • Pros: 

    Much cheaper than competition, don't have to waste time grocery shopping or meal planning, easy to stick to healthy diet


    Regional variance in ingredients

    It's a new company that's based in Dallas but they are growing extremely fast and are delivering great quality products that are solving real issues like food deserts.

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  • Pros: 

    Affordable, convenient, tasty, healthy


    Just want more meal options, but I think they're coming

    I love how they offer a plant based plan in addition to other popular types like paleo and keto.

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