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@bentossell I'm a Research Specialist at the MIT Media Lab so I encounter a lot of cool technology ideas through my work and from the community of researchers I work with. Once I get to 5 interesting research ideas, I publish a newsletter! Big trends: Besides AI and AR/VR, I'm particularly excited about context-aware applications. I would love to see more applications like Google Now grow to understand more and more about users by being able to track habits and anticipate needs using passive sensing techniques. Big Appearance: I'm surprised that AR/VR has taken off like it has. We've had AR/VR in the research world for quite some time. It's amazing how it has suddenly taken off (magic leap, oculus, etc). Although the devices that are out there now are great, I think we can do MUCH better regrading resolution and latency
@rohanspuri where do you get your info from? I see from past issues that you mention 3D technologies a lot. Being able to write about new, cutting-edge tech must give you an insight to some trends. What do you think the big trends to watch in 2016 are (I think AI will be big as current products are just scratching the surface)?? What technologies are making a surprisingly big appearance that you didn't think would?
Thanks @shaanvp ! I work at the MIT Media Lab where I encounter a lot of amazing research tech. The goal of Fives is to bridge the research and consumer tech world to show off interesting ideas that many people may not have seen or heard of before. We don't operate on a regular schedule. Instead, we just release an issue when we think we have 5 great things to share. You can check out past issues here: Happy to answer any questions!
Very cool. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
@joshdance thanks! Fives has been a great outlet for me to periodically share these things without constantly spamming friends ;)
Always love hearing about new technologies! Thanks for this, @rohanspuri!