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#5 Product of the WeekFebruary 14, 2020
Incredible logos, by top designers, automatically personalized to your brand πŸ’Ž
Wanna tweak it?
Simply use our editor to change colors, fonts and composition πŸ’»
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Order a redesign service from a designer πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ¨
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Sorry, but the results are identical to all the other "logo" makers out there. Random type, with random stock art. These things aren't logos and have zero branding value. Pay an actual designer to create something with actual meaning.
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@andreasduess was literally thinking the same thing. Its only really useful to someone with zero budget...
@andreasduess Hi Andreas, Sorry to hear that this was your experience with our product and thank you for your feedback. All the logos in our Logo Maker were designed by a select group of designers and we only allow original designs that aren’t offered for sale anywhere else. Each logo, with the font, composition, and color palette, is hand-crafted by a designer. Our library, which is growing fast every single day, is something that we are very proud of and I encourage you to try again in a couple of weeks. At the same time I’d like to say that we encourage businesses to work with brand designers to make a logo from scratch, if this is what they are looking for. We have an entire category of such services at Fiverr, with thousands of freelance designers.
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@andreasduess @tyson_kingsbury_exador_ I had zero budget, so it was useful to me :P
@andreasduess I don't think this is fair to the product creators or to characterize the product this way. Compare this logo "matcher" to Namecheap's logo generator and you'll see the difference right away. What Fiverr is doing here is matching unused designs to your idea of a logo. If you're able to find one that works, great. If not, then you can pay a designer to make one for you. I think this service is a boon for businesses and artists alike. For a site like 99designs where the majority of designs are unused, the majority of artists and designers do not get paid. Having a way to monetize work you've already created is almost like getting free money. This is great for freelancers as long as Fiverr keeps their cut reasonable (i.e. less than 25%)
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@rayliverified I have to disagree with you there. What services like this, and there are many that are all delivering comparable results, is little more than visual pollution. They claim to deliver one thing and deliver something quite different.
I love how Fiverr is disrupting itself
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@iamedwardtay Thanks Edward! The world is changing rapidly, and we worked really hard to make the best use out of new technologies in order to enhance human productivity and creativity.
Thanks @benln for the hunt 🀟🏾 I'm thrilled to finally share our new product with the Product Hunt community! In recent years, we've seen an increase in demand for logos available for immediate purchasing. While looking into it, we realized that fully automated products aren’t capable of competing with the creativity and uniqueness of human-made designs. With that in mind, we also saw the need to create a tool that would help top brand designers and studios productize their incredible, unused work. By combining human design capabilities, with automation and AI, we are now able to offer thousands of incredible logos, that are automatically personalized to fit your brand! Each logo in the Fiverr Logo Maker, was designed and uploaded by a hand-picked brand designer, and when a user wants to create a logo, we use AI to match and personalize the perfect logo for them. Any logo in the Fiverr Logo Maker can be edited before the purchase, and if you feel like you need help from a professional, you can always order a customization service from the designer of the logo, with just one click. We believe that AI and automation are here to enhance human productivity and creativity, not replace it. We'd love to hear your feedback, please check out the product, and let us know what you think!
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@benln @lior_albeck I have just give it a try, but... despite your description I didn't find the button to adjust anything after logo has been generated. I need to change the brand to be exactly as my company, with camel-case notion. And the background color matching my website. It was not possible.
Amazingly beautiful product!
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@erikash Thanks Erik!
Amazing! And - as everything Fiverr does - very user-friendly!
@kristina_zagorulko Thanks Kristina! So happy you like our user experience!