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Free <5 minute lessons to make a living as a freelancer 🤓


Fiverr Elevate is an online academy with everything you need to start your business or freelance career. Step-by-step tutorials on topics such as taxes, healthcare, and productivity explained in 5 minutes or less by experts from companies such as AND CO, Visor, eHealth, Wealthsimple, Stellar Formation, Fundbox, and many more to come. 🎉

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  • Eva Reder
    Eva RederGrowh Hacker, Traveler, Founder

    Short (<5 min) tutorials with actionable advice


    Not enough videos yet - looking forward to more!

    I've taken plenty of courses online on Udemy, Lynda etc but they usually take quite some time. I like this better. I don't want to spend hours learning how to do my taxes... I'd rather it take 5 minutes and go back to topics I enjoy more.

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  • Juan Felipe Campos
    Juan Felipe CamposCEO/Founder NomadApp

    Info AND tools for creating proposals, contracts, managing cashflow, healthcare, taxes, and more. Takes about 30 min to watch everything.


    None– it's free. If you're self employed or freelancing on the side while you bootstrap your startup... you'll want to check this out.

    Awesome job.

    This looks like the start to an even bigger project of free training and resources for freelancers. Excited to see how it evolves moving forward.

    Juan Felipe Campos has used this product for one day.
  • Pros: 

    Quick and easy to use


    Designed for Americans, no mobile app

    I like it overall. However, it does seem to be designed for Americans only, especially in terms of healthcare, tax and legal videos. Also it appears there is an ulterior motive which is to promote partner company's brands, that's fine if they are relevant to me as "international".

    Ian has used this product for one day.
  • Eric Y Chen
    Eric Y ChenHead of Growth, Startpad

    all of it is relevant for business owners


    can't think of any, looking forward to more info

    I've been using fiverr in general as a business owner so the expansion in product offerings to help educate me and automate more processes is definitely helpful!

    Eric Y Chen has used this product for one day.
  • Adam Ratcliffe
    Adam RatcliffeExecutive Web Developer

    Has the potential to be helpful in the future


    Overly simplified videos which feel more like advertisments for third party services

    Rather than teach users/startups, the courses feel like short advertisements aimed at promoting third-party premium services. This feels like the freemium version of teaching (enticing with a free hook and upselling the service) rather than teaching how to actually do something yourself. As a startup, saving costs is always more important than saving time, so pitching premium services rather than premium information to handle the tasks of a startup seems counter-intuitive.

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  • Kristin Riddle
    Kristin RiddleCheck the Vibeds

    Learn new skills at your own pace


    The tutorials are not longer

    I'm loving this platform! Knowledge, refreshing a new skill or a quick tutorial is what the internet is all about for us entrepreneurs! I just wish they were a little longer with less "fluff".

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  • Valon
    ValonI like building things.

    Short and Simple


    More content

    It’s really helpful on this time get something straigh to the point and helpful. Keep it up guys 💪🏻

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  • Nir Naor
    Nir NaorProgrammer, Freelancer

    Really easy to set up


    Some content is missing

    Really useful material

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  • Nuriel
    NurielProduct and CTO,

    Great, informative videos by experts. All for free.

    Special deals are also available which is super cool.


    I'm guessing the providers are partners

    Really cool - find out how to do your taxes, how to make sure to get health benefits etc. Must know for every freelancer

    Nuriel has used this product for one day.
  • Hadar Consari
    Hadar ConsariRecruiting Manager

    I love everything about Fiverr



    Great job!

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  • Faguo Hao
    Faguo HaoPro French Horn

    5 minutes or less - big draw, hate long videos


    need to test it longer

    really appreciate these content

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  • nowayseries
    nowayseriesTiered World Studios

    They use micro learning content. This works for my busy schedule..


    More content is needed and this will come in time.

    They cover different aspects of business dev

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