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Gil Laktush
Snir Elkaras
Tomer Rozenstine
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    Great experience, beautiful works. This is abtrue need


    Couldn’t find any

    Doing a lot of searching for inspiration during my day to day work. this will definitely help me. Thanks guys!

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Elena Zhizhimontova
Elena ZhizhimontovaPro@zelena · Co-Founder, TogethAR | Developer+Artist
Very cool! Looks like Pinterest for inspiring art and music content 😄
Ofer Rozenstine
Ofer RozenstineMaker@ofer_rozenstine
@zelena Thanks for your feedback! That's definitely the intention 😃
Joe Goldstein
Joe Goldstein@joeadamg · Director of SEO at Contractor Calls
I have mixed feelings about Fiverr in general, but they've done a great job at branching out with Fiverr Pro, and this is a pretty brilliant way to market their marketplace.
Ofer Rozenstine
Ofer RozenstineMaker@ofer_rozenstine
Hi everyone! Our world isn't missing inspirational websites, but how many websites like these you know that allows you to connect directly with the person who made the featured works, and order his services immediately? Fiverr Discover lets you do exactly that. It's a new inspirational hub, built by Fiverr, and composed entirely of works that were created by Fiverr freelancers. It's aim is to help freelancers and their potential customers get new, cool and innovative ideas for future projects. And when they see something they like - to get in touch with the freelancer behind the work and purchase their services, in a click. For those of you who don't already know Fiverr, it’s the world's largest digital marketplace for freelance services. Fiverr's audience is comprised of small business owners, entrepreneurs and anyone looking to purchase top quality digital services, with confidence. Your feedback is important to us! Please check Fiverr Discover out, and feel free to comment and submit any ideas for improvements you have. Thanks!
Federico Jorge
Federico JorgePro@federicojorge · SaaS LeadGen Copywriter
@ofer_rozenstine hi Ofer! Is this curated our does it auto populate?
Ofer Rozenstine
Ofer RozenstineMaker@ofer_rozenstine
@federicojorge Hi Federico! Thanks for your question. All the featured works are being handpicked by our dedicated Editorial Team, and both the works and freelancers are being vetted and checked by them.
Federico Jorge
Federico JorgePro@federicojorge · SaaS LeadGen Copywriter
@ofer_rozenstine thanks for the answer. I always felt picking the right freelancer for each gig took a leap of faith on Fiverr... You don't really know who's the right guy for the job til you contact them and go through a project. This will surely help!
Ofer Rozenstine
Ofer RozenstineMaker@ofer_rozenstine
@federicojorge So happy to hear that, that's exactly what we aimed for.
Lior Albeck
Lior Albeck@lior_albeck
Awesome resource, very inspiring!
Ofer Rozenstine
Ofer RozenstineMaker@ofer_rozenstine
@lior_albeck Thanks!
Sam Brat
Sam Brat@sam_brat
Amazing work! Extremely talented people!
Ofer Rozenstine
Ofer RozenstineMaker@ofer_rozenstine
@sam_brat Thanks for the compliments!