No more boring Apple Watch bands.

Sick of generic Apple Watchbands?
ComfyBand is more a scarf than a watchband, and just like a scarf you rather bind it than strap it.
Check the video to see how cool it looks!
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My wife really loves her Apple Watch but was bored with all the same Apple Watch bands. One day, we played with a piece of fabric & Apple Watch adapters. It looked so cool that we decided to sew a few of them just for my wife. After a few weeks, a lot of women asked her where did she get it – so we decided to create a shop and sell it. Currently, we're selling only to the USA but looking to expand to the whole World as we know (directly from customers) that they love our Apple Watch bands.
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I like them, but IMO, there might be a little too much excess ribbon. Have you tried some type of clasp?
@bradenhamm actually yes, but what distinguish Comfy Band from other bands is this that you don't have a clasp but you tie it – it's done with purpose :)