Five Claps

Travel and local guide based on the social recommendations

Five Claps is a revolutionary app that lets you share digital “high fives” with your social circle. Whether you want to tell the world about a delicious filet mignon you had at a new restaurant, or a kid friendly lodging space that you rented recently our app lets you do just that. There is no limit to what you can recommend.

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Jacqueline von Tesmar
Community at Product Hunt ⚡️
"Most of the recommendation apps on the market reveal how good or how bad a place or business is and generate a recommendation without considering its unique features. These apps provide a very general overview of the place or business recommended but lack the unique details you want. What if a place is good for something and bad for something else? Add to this the fact that the majority of people who use recommendation apps are travelers looking for unique places to visit, eat, and stay—all of which is never captured by these apps."