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The design looks clean and I like that it surfaces workouts using equipment people have. I see Fittr has a point system to reward users for working out. We often see product creators slap on "gamification" without thinking through the ramifications (sometimes it can encourage the opposite desired behavior) or psychology of the user. I'm not claiming Fittr does this (I haven't tried the app, yet) but I'm curious how you think about this, @KikiSchirr.
@rrhoover That's a great question, Ryan! To be completely honest, at the moment, this gamification is a "slap-on" but it's mostly included in this build to prepare early users for some of the things that we have in the works. For anyone who is working on gamification I would strongly suggest reading two amazing books: 1. Nir Eyal's 'Hooked' and 2. John Ferrara's 'Playful Design.' Between the two, you'll be so pumped to start 'real' gamification (while still a little embarrassed about your early attempts) that you'll want to implement changes right away! Also, I would like to take this moment to address a common concern: the Facebook/Twitter accountability that we often tout as a feature (coming soon), is 100% optional and WILL NOT occur without very clear very explicit permission from you.
@rrhoover I should also expand this a little bit to say that with coming additions to our gamification, we will need to be VERY careful to watch for addictive behaviors. 'Hooked' has a wonderful chapter on the ethics of enticed addiction, and while we pass Eyal's basic ethics test, it is possible that we will see patterns of behavior that are, to say the least, suboptimal. We're beginning to build safeguards into our automation already, to ward off these behaviors, but it will be something we're very carefully monitoring regardless.
@KikiSchirr +1 on those books!
@jpatil Thanks, have you read them? They're really fantastic. I cannot stress how much they've helped us.
@KikiSchirr Am reading Hooked now, really like it. Playful Design was purchased for our office library. Up on the list.
Looks nice and simple. I'm a Fitocracy user, and swear by it. However, their mobile experience lacks a little, and they could definitely learn a few things from this.
@jamesepember I used to love Fitocracy until all of the changes to the web site. I preferred it when it was a lot more intuitive.
Hey, guys! I'm Kiki from Fittr (Nolan's probably lurking around here somewhere, too...) and I just wanted to be available to field any questions. Thank you for access, Ryan!
Frugal fitness
@acondurache I'm actually really glad you find it frugal. We're in the process of settling on a more permanent pricing scheme, so if you have any feedback regarding the price, feel free to reply here or send me an email at Thank you!
Looks similar to @Fitstar. Althought $12 is a steep ask.
@arjunram I would love to hear more about your opinion on our pricing if you'd like to share. My email is or I'll be hanging around here a bit today...! :)