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BrianMaker@brianbgl · Founder of Fitcaze.
Hey hunters, I'm Brian Bergel, founder of Fitcaze! I'm so excited to share the launch of FITCAZE with you. Fitcaze is the World's thinnest and lightest iPhone battery case with QI Wireless charging. It's only 11.3mm thick and 62grams. It comes with 2 wireless charger accessories (Home/Car). Yes, take a look at the case, the design is awesome! Our team has spent the past 9 months building up the infrastructure and developing numerous prototypes so that we could launch the Fitcaze range. You can get our exclusive early bird 37€ price for the case, or 65€ with the accessories! (instead of 49€/85€ KS pricing). But only for a very limited time! Enjoy! If you’ve got any questions, fire away! Thanks for your support! :-) PS: It could be possible that in a couple of days, it's gonna be the only battery case which you can plug your earpods and charge your iPhone at the same time... :-)
Sam Cholera@sam_cholera · Founder @ iSpy Sport Search
@brianbgl Hi, how many MaH is the battery in the case please?
BrianMaker@brianbgl · Founder of Fitcaze.
@sam_cholera Hi! It's 2240mAh (real) from Amprius. Amprius is a leading manufacturer and developer of high energy and high capacity lithium-ion batteries :)
BrianMaker@brianbgl · Founder of Fitcaze.
@sam_cholera Which means it's more extra power than some cheap 2800 or 3000mAh batteries :)
Gabriel LewisHiring@gabriel__lewis · 🤔
I wish this wasn't pre-order. I'd probably purchase one today!
BrianMaker@brianbgl · Founder of Fitcaze.
@gabriel__lewis On Kickstarter, you'll get the lowest price we will ever make. Our early bird is ending in exactly 80 minutes! Let's take advantage of this :) Thanks for your comment :)
Markus Schuette@markus_schuette
@gabriel__lewis why don't you pre-order one today then
Rajiv Shah@rajiv_shah
I was actually thinking about this earlier today! I needed a battery case, but also wanted to be able to use a magnetic car mount!
BrianMaker@brianbgl · Founder of Fitcaze.
@rajiv_shah That's perfect!!! :) We think about what people really need, that's why we've made Fitcaze :)
Jordan Fourcher@jfourcher · Badass from the future
The thing that sets this apart from the others is the price.
BrianMaker@brianbgl · Founder of Fitcaze.
@jfourcher Actually many battery cases in the market are cheaps one with a bad quality (except big brands like Mophie). We are using a special PCBA, with one of the best lithium battery inside and one of the best lightning connector. Also, the wireless charging solution + the 80% extra battery into such a thin and light case is quite awesome. Trust us, we've made something different :)
BrianMaker@brianbgl · Founder of Fitcaze.
@jfourcher And to finish, we're developpping something unique which may be available in a couple of days: Charging and Listening music at the same time!
BrianMaker@brianbgl · Founder of Fitcaze.
Hey hunters, if you’ve got any questions, fire away! What do you think of @Fitcaze? Any suggestion or comment are welcome :-)