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#4 Product of the DayOctober 27, 2014
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This looks nice but I am hesitant to get any more involved with Fitbit. I've been using Fitbit for a couple of years now but their policy on user data bums me out. To export your data you need to pay $50 a year and they've stated they have no plans to support HealthKit in the immediate future. It's just hard to see why I'd want to buy another expensive device from a company that will then hold all of the data collected by that device hostage.
@brentmulligan Fitbit has had a public API since 2011 and supports hundreds of meaningful API integrations with partners. While CSV export is one of the many features of the $50/yr Fitbit Premium, there are other ways to get this feature: - The official Fitbit IFTTT channel has several recipes to do this with Evernote, Google Docs, and more: - Quantified Self's Google Spreadsheets script:
@JeremiahLee Is data export the primary reason for not supporting HealthKit or is HealthKit not baked enough for you folks?
@JeremiahLee Thanks for the info. I'm aware and have played around with the API. It's more or less the principal of the matter. I respect the idea of what you are trying to do but I think you could still build the analytics business while allowing a straight csv dump of data. This way you'd be selling me the extra tools and analysis but still giving those who just want all their data access to it.
It's going to be tough going up against Apple Watch
Been waiting for these new products, since I lost my Force just a few weeks back, but I find myself holding out. HealthKit, Apple Watch, and simply iPhone apps all seem to cover Fitbit's territory now, in many cases without another piece of tech on my person.
I know this is a fitness tracker, but it's not attractive.. especially if compared to the Moto 360 and the Apple watch. They need to stop pursuing wrist based hardware and focus on other types of wearables combined with awesome software.
This looks interesting, but after my experiences with the Fitbit Flex and Fitbit support, I'll never buy or recommend another Fitbit product. They just don't last at all - the Flex needed replacing at least every four weeks. With this and what someone mentioned about them holding your data hostage for $$, there's no way I could buy another Fitbit.