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Join the likes of Andrew Warner from Mixergy, John Lee Dumas from EOFire and others by listing your profile on First 100 Influencers! Grow your influence by being discovered by new fans, followers and clients on First 100 Influencers.

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its simple and sweet .. if you come early then you will get on low price.

i get membership on low price.. its good.



easy to use, user friendly, quick sign up


need to add more share option inside profile

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yeah... completely agree.
yes..disha.. completely honest review. Thx

you can built your profile .. and it will increase your business .. even 4 to 5 people also contact me by checking my profile.


user friendly, low price only 1$ to 100$


haven't find anything

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easy to use, user friendly


Low Price



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This seems like a cash grab of - THERE'S ONLY X AMOUNT OF SPOTS, BE AN INDUSTRY TOP INFLUENCER FOR $1, $2, $3, up until $100 (increases per spot taken)... There's not vetting as far as I can see. Also, the top 100 influencers should be able to afford MUCH higher prices.


it's incredibly low-price, for what that's worth for the top 100 influencers


Afraid anyone with $$$ can claim to be a top 100 influencer... Oh wait, that's true.

Thanks for your review Chris, appreciate all feedback. Whether people like it or not, money is a significant symbol of influence (deserved or not). People spend a ton of money to buy a Tesla to show off their status level, in our case, at this point paying for a listing is part of showing your status/influence. (but on a super low cost level). There is more to come, to build more features we need funds, our revenue model helps to support that.
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We spend bucks to get a boost in our influencer profile, but this method seems quiet strange.


It gives us a platform to showcase our profile


We are paying for being listed as an influencer.