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When you work with web apps they mix with other sites, losing you time and distracting you. Firework turns web apps into desktop apps.

⏱ These web apps launch and are ready to use immediately

📌 You can pin them to Taskbar or Dock

👌🏻 Switch between them as you usually do with desktop apps

  • Alex Moonsera
    Alex MoonseraHipster development

    Lightweight, easy to use. Developers listen to feedback.


    A room for improvement with pages kept rendered at all time (Settings - Speedup of Apps).

    Using it for music, Google Translate, and recently started using web version of Skype through Firework (because desktop version started munching on CPU and RAM all of a sudden).

    Updates keep coming, they really listen to user requests. App is stable now, im satisfied with it.

    Alex Moonsera has used this product for one month.
  • Jon Tolentino
    Jon TolentinoI am very

    I like that its fast.

    You can pin the website in my taskbar (windows)

    I use it as kinda like a bookmark


    I dont know if it is safe my outlook account was block when I try to login.

    Downloading thru installer is a pain usually install DL are slow

    Overall I like it.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do something about the ADS in website.

    Make it block the ads in website. sample I use it to watch series in some shady website that has ads all over the place.

    I know problem is mostly in me but the adblock part will be really great.

    Jon Tolentino has used this product for one day.
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Alexey Fedorov
Alexey FedorovMaker@afedorovn · CEO, Startpack
Hello Product Hunters! I’m Alexey, CEO & founder at Startpack. And now we’re very happy to present Firework. It’s a desktop app for Windows and macOS that simplifies the work with your favorite online services. Think of it as a productive workspace for all your web tools. Firework is still free for everyone. Each of you can try a new user experience. We’ll be glad to hear your feedback and questions about our app. Share with us what you like more and what needs to be improved. P. S. Many thanks to @arunsathiya Alexey, CEO & founder, Startpack
Arun Sathiya
Arun SathiyaHunter@arunsathiya · Happiness Engineer, Automattic
I have been using @startpack_ru's Firework for a week now. I really love the idea of how they enable users to replace web apps with desktop apps for productivity. It's available on Windows and Mac, go check it out! Great stuff, @realrus, @jenua_dolganov, @nailgaraev and @afedorovn!
Anthony Da Mota
Anthony Da Mota@akdm_ · I upvote things that matter.
That's great, but what are the benefits from Station? (
Alexey Fedorov
Alexey FedorovMaker@afedorovn · CEO, Startpack
@akdm_ We are better because: • Each web applications works in separate window. Like a desktop native application how you get used to. Use hotkeys according to your UX. • You can add any website and any web application. No limited range. Each person is unique and uses his unique set of web applications. • We consciously do not make a notification so as not to distract you from work. Work proactively. • Firework have accelerating mechanism for immediate launch of web applications. Your web application are ready to use at once after clicking.
Chyngys Barynov
Chyngys Barynov@chyngys · COO of
Great app. We are using it for our
Alexey Fedorov
Alexey FedorovMaker@afedorovn · CEO, Startpack
@chyngys Thanks!
Anastasia Vereschagina
Anastasia Vereschagina@anastasia_vereschagina · Marketing Manager, Deskun
The idea seems really interesting. I'll give it a try. Good luck you guys!
Alexey Fedorov
Alexey FedorovMaker@afedorovn · CEO, Startpack
@anastasia_vereschagina Thanks a lot Anastasia!