No-code-required image resizing

#2 Product of the DayMarch 22, 2015
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I worked up a quick script which will automatically switch all the images on a page to use FireSize. It's actually possible to do it before the browser starts to load the original images. Check it:
This was built by our awesome community on Assembly. If you have any feedback or want to get involved and help us continue to build this, check out the project on Assembly:
This looks great! I'm loving the simplicity here, it just works. Would definitely be interested to hear more & intrigued to know what the pricing will be.
I've been following along on Assembly since you guys started - really wanted to join in but couldn't find the time. Great to see it out in the wild now, congrats! Love that you can play with the functionality on the home page... I think a loading indicator would be good for when you change the input values, just so you get some feedback before the image loads?
It's one of those things everyone dreads building. Well done folks. Would really like to see this monetized.
@arielmichaeli a "schlep" as @paulg would call it