A handy playground for GraphQL

FireQL brings a handy and flexible experience for GraphQL testing/debugging. It helps to create queries, mutations, & subscriptions without having prior knowledge of the graphql schema and provide a chart to understand the implicit schema relationship visually
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FireQL is a web-based playground for GraphQL. It lets you test any GraphQL server by just passing the end-point in URL bar section or as a URL query parameter. By auto fetching the graphql-schema, It generates the Explorer and Voyager Chart. Explorer helps you to generate the queries very quick without studying the server schema and Voyager chart helps you to understand the schema relation visually as a Graph. Let’s play with Ethiopian Movie Database By using it, you don’t need to install any extra packages as a middleware in your nodejs server, you cat test it very easily like… That’s it…
looks interesting. Didn’t work with localhost graphql endpoint ?
@youssouf_elazizi It would work, please check CORS. I think you need to allow the access from origin.
So if you were to use this on a private API, would your server see the introspection of the private schema?
@tm0neys FireQL is just a front-end client. It's not listening to server, it's hosted as a static deployment on So FireQL will never see your introspection schema. Its just loading a static files on your browser to generate the playground.
@nishchit_dhanani Awesome I figured it probably wasn't, but just wanted to understand exactly how it was setup. So, much appreciated :D
Thank you, Ivan, for Hunting FireQL. Glad to see that you have covered all goodies in the description. Still, it’s a pre-release of FireQL, other features like `save queries`, `documentation` and `chat like subscription` are under upcoming release which would enhance the level of productivity for GraphQL testing, debugging and maintenance. Here I’m listing some public GraphQL APIs with Handy Links. SpaceX Github GraphQL Geolocation TravelgateX Pokemon