Firefly Smart Mirror

The first tablet powered smart mirror

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Finally... Someone has put this into production Very dope🚬🚬
Pretty smart idea to have this use a tablet for the computer and screen instead of paying extra for those. How is the app on the tablet going to work with the microphone and facial recognition? Both always on all the time? Seems like the bathroom example used in your video would be a weird place to put something like this What apps and functions are going to be free vs subscription? And what's the oldest version of iOS you plan on supporting for the app? Some older tablets people have laying around may struggle
@kristofertm Thanks for the question! The microphone detects a wake word on-device instead of constantly uploading audio, the camera detection is also done on-device. We plan to support iOS 9+ for our iOS app, but most features will be web-based and users will be able to simply load our website on their tablet to support older devices. There are unfortunately some features that we won’t be able to support on older devices (for example the original iPad doesn’t have a camera) but for these devices a simpler version of Firefly will still be available through the web app.
Not sure "world's first" is actually true... I've seen at least 1 other open source tablet smart mirror before. 🤔
@brandonmowat It seems like "world's first" is generally a dangerous claim to make.
Love it and for sure going to back the campaign!
This is too cool 😎😎 Good luck getting funded on Kickstarter!