Firebase 3 Tinder for X Starter

Super awesome starter for a Tinder for X App w/ Ionic

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Hi everyone i'm Carlos creator of this Starter. I made this Starter when i was learning about Ionic Framework. Now, It's very well rated in the Ionic Marketplace and is very popular there (Top 5), i hope that you can save tons of time starting your next game changer product with this template. If you need support you can reach me in twitter w/ @carlosrojas_o. thank you :)
This is cool.Boom for ionic developers.Thanks for being selfless
@karthrenkarajan I'm glad you enjoy this :)
I miss the tinder for product hunt app, developer stopped working on it then region locked it to the U.S. for whatever reason. Wink wink nudge nudge πŸ˜›
@mistergoodwin lol. I don't know if with PH can work a like tinder curation 'cause you can't just swiping products. you have to try each product testing for a while and later upvote :p but now you can start a new tinder for PH if you want :p thank you for comment
@carlosrojas_o I saw it as a full screen mode of inbox zero, swiping right just added it to a short list instead of up voting it. Essentially you get to see everything unsorted and hide what you're not interested in. Though I guess a hide button in product hunt would work just as effective. I was thinking of how this could work for social media, a swipe right would give you interaction options, left to dismiss and if a source has a history of dismissing give unfollow options.
@mistergoodwin Sounds very good :)
I think I'd rather see people come up with new innovative user experiences instead of ripping off other people's.
@itsthisjustin Good point. but this is more to help developers in their work. The "swiping" thing is a curation mechanic that seems work pretty good. Like transitions in Mobile SDKs or some directives in AngularJS. It's a template to prototype or validate ideas quickly more than kill innovation. Thank you for comment :)
@carlosrojas_o Ha yeah totally understand. it's just WAY overused these days. I've seen apps like Jobr, which I don't think made a good use case for it, but yet still used it anyway because it's sexy. User experiences should be curated around use case, not what is fun to play with. It may work for first time users, but it doesn't work for customer retention if the data doesn't match with a swiping mechanic.
@itsthisjustin agree. You have to fit the UX that your users need to be in love w/ your product :). Thank you for comment :)
Excellent! Thanks for sharing..