A digital account in Euro and GBP along with a debit card.

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James Hunt
@thetwopct · Entrepreneur. Coder. Marketer. Founder.
Wow this looks amazing. I was recently looking at getting Estonian e-residency simply as they are soon to launch ability to open bank accounts online, and this is good for me as I travel a lot. But this negates the need for it. If I understand correctly, I can open a uk limited company in an hour or so and then get a bank account with Fire within a day? That… See more
Jamie Farrelly
@jamie_farrelly · Software developer
Put myself and Owen as makers, but there's not just us of course! A few months back we rebranded from PayWithFire.com to Fire.com which was a big step for the company. It's open to UK and Irish customers, but we're hoping to expand to elsewhere in the future. At the moment the big banks are very slow here (probably the same in the US), when you want to ope… See more
@justawebguy · Founder of Popflake
Looks great! I'm a Holvi user, so I'm wondering what sets you apart from Holvi? https://www.producthunt.com/post...
Chris Rowe
@rowesk · Founder, Fort Ink
Guys, this looks amazing! I just signed up for a personal account but would love to have multiple 'accounts' in there too. Would be perfect for impromptu savings (e.g. my surf trip is £290, let me put that in another account that my debit card can't draw from so it's 'safe' and labelled). Is this possible already? On the roadmap?