Fire for Tinder

The first and only way to use Tinder on your Apple TV

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@eighttwo_three It's a completely different experience. You get so much more info about the person, you can see all their photos, their bio, their age, everything on one big screen... and it's also just really addicting to swipe on the new Apple TV remote :) For those that want to try it out, just let people know if a code has been used! TFAYFE666ETJ AFM3R7EYFYFA JMPHN4EK7WFP
Interesting idea! What do you think makes using Tinder on a TV a better experience than using it on your phone?
We're so excited to announce the launch of the first Tinder client for Apple TV. It was a lot of hard work and we're really looking forward to improving it as we get more feedback from users. Let us know what you think! Thanks Product Hunt, we 💜you!