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Let your whole team create GitHub issues via email 🔥✉️️

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I like the idea. While not difficult, GitHub is foreign and awkward to use for most non-engineers yet many dev teams prefer to centralize all bug reports in the place where they work (GitHub).
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Thanks @rrhoover! It's exactly why we originally built Fire :-)
@rrhoover Just curious! how non-engineers people reports bug in your team?
@keyul: Before we used Fire, for us it used to be tap on the shoulder or send an email to eng team member. Both would be highly disruptive to eng. and inefficient (information lost). Some other issue tracking systems offer the "create issue via email" feature, but not GitHub. But curious to see what everyone's experience is. How do you do that at Bot Stash @keyul?
@youpdidou As we are a team of two people only, Trello is an easy way to keep track of it. For a bigger team, the use case is similar to you have described.
Thank you for hunting us @thinker! We built the Fire bot to let any member of your team communicate product ideas and suggestions over Email (where non eng. spends most of their time). They can simply email the Fire bot with any suggestions, product fixes or bugs and the issue is immediately translated to GitHub, where your engineering team lives. In return, your engineering team won't have to look at emails anymore, and issues do not get lost in someone's inbox. To install Fire bot, simply add @fire-bot as a collaborator to a repository in Github, customize your forwarding address, and add your team. Once this is done, anyone at your company can simply start emailing your custom email address to create Github issues. You can also forward any emails that requires engineering attention (for instance Intercom messages, Sentry alerts, etc) to GitHub using Fire bot. It supports attachments. We were using Fire internally at first so that non engineering team members didn't have to go to GitHub to create issues. Over time, we found that the bot removed friction, let us collect more feedback, and let eng. almost not have to use email anymore. We just made it available to anyone (and free).
One other use case we've found for Fire – it's where we forward automated alerts (e.g. Sentry, Opbeat, cron, etc). Previously, those alerts would go to some Eng email alias (e.g. dev@, eng@) and could easily get lost. Now, they all end up as GitHub issues which we can easily triage/assign/close.
Been using this with our team in beta. Loving how it keeps non-github users up to date with comments on the Issue…v slick.
@adcooley Thank you, I’m glad you like it. Always happy to get your questions and feedback :) Just let us know if there is anything we could do to make Fire better for you!
This is a great idea. At my last Co. we used Github issues and enabling non-technical people to easily submit an issue would have made life easier back then.