Trading securities is at an all-time high, and so is the number of new investors! Quick Scoop nets out the pluses and minuses of each stock, ETF and mutual fund, making it easier for investors to do their due diligence before putting their money to work!
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Hey Hunters 👋 We made Quick Scoop to help investors make buy or sell stock, mutual fund and ETF decisions. Quick scoop provides the bull and the bear case for each security based on quantitative analysis, and summarizes the findings, assigning Finny Score to each security. The analysis is fully data-driven, and is meant to be a starting point for your further security research. We don't provide any buy or sell recommendations (we believe that would be a disservice to investors). Context Commission-free trades are making it easier to place small bets on stocks, enabling investors to take on high-risk positions. With speculative investments on the rise, we built Quick Scoop with a goal to help investors net out the good, the bad and the ugly about each individual stock, ETF or mutual fund. Key features 💥The bull and the bear case for stocks; 💥The positives and negatives of individual mutual funds and ETFs based on quant analysis; 💥Finny Score for each security (the balance of positives and negatives); 💥Monthly updates; 💥Weekly newsletter summarizing investment ideas and insights. Special Product Hunt offer Quick Scoop is a part of the Finny Premium package. If you’d like to try Quick Scoop for free for 7 days, please use this link. Finny Premium costs $8.25 a month (paid annually), roughly the price of two lattes. Thanks! Feel free to comment below or ask me anything.
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I see you can check stocks and ETFs, which is great, but do you have any plans to include cryptos?
@biasijonell Good question. We started working on cryptos, but we haven't rolled this out yet (full transparency--probably won't). You can check some cryptos though (big ones like Bitcoin... try BTC.X).
Just check it, looks great! Quick question. What's the idea behind Finny Score? Does high score mean you're recommending it to buy?
@micic Thank you, Miodrag (or Miodraze?). Finny Score shows the balance between pros and cons arguments for single securities. That's just simply what it is. It's not a recommendation to buy or sell any security. We think it would be a disservice to investors to recommend any stock or ETF. I should note that many low-cost, index funds that are popular among investors have a high Finny Score.
Seems easy to use. Like the design. Upvoted!
@caseykelly7 Thanks, Casey--simple UX is key what our users want to see:-)
This looks awesome! Congrats to the team!
@kruksharita Thanks for the compliment.