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Finn is going away, but we’re bringing the best part of it—our customers —into the Chase Mobile® app. We’re excited to continue offering our customers tools that help them make the most of their money.
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"first available in the St. Louis area..." Bummer! Looking forward to a large scale roll out. I use Simple for my daily driver debit card, however I still keep my traditional bank accounts open and ready to use... Just in case. I know Simple is backed by BBV/Pilot Bank, but this is JP MORGAN CHASE we're talking about here. Looking forward to the future of this!
@dabus Finn by Chase is now available nationwide to iOS users and will be available on Android by the end of the year. To apply or to learn more, visit or find Finn in the App Store.
It has emojis 😮
Well done Chase! Allowing people track their emotions related to purchases is extremely insightful! Next, you should do a follow-up emotion tracker after a certain period of time to see how quickly that happiness period lasts.
On Monday, Chase launched its Simple competitor. Read more:
Lmao no. Just no.