Thousands of marketplaces, one interface.


Search engines make more money the longer you’re on the hunt. Findy consolidates results from thousands of sites into one interface. Granting you anonymous browsing without the loss of customized results. Privacy enabled, centralized search. It even removes duplicates and enables collaborative finding.

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Ghost Influence
Brian Swichkow
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  • Pros: 

    Anonymous browsing with customized results Eliminates bouncing between marketplaces Clean and consistent interface Hyper-responsive dev team


    None. It was sluggish with long-tail search, but their cache is populated/updated by users searching and it's gotten miles faster.

    My apartment was listed on Truila, I found it on Findy. My chairs were listed on Craigslist, I found them on Findy. I haven't found a dog yet, but swiping those on PetFinder with Findy is way more fun than Tinder.

    Brian Swichkow has used this product for one month.
  • djjaron
    djjaronAlways be building!

    One stop for all my search needs, great UX/UI


    Theres a lot of data being pulled into this app, so some long tail queries can take some time to render.

    I've bought everything from clothes, Apple accessories, snowboard bindings to Big Bear rentals on the Findy app.

    djjaron has used this product for one month.
  • Jarad Nelson
    Jarad NelsonOnline Marketer

    Easily find tons of products


    I cant use it on my pc?

    This seems like a great tool for doing product research, yet i cant use it on my PC. Unfortunate.

    Jarad Nelson has never used this product.