Find the best Progressive Web Apps.

FindPWA is a directory of Progressive Web Apps. It has more apps than most other directorys and there are only real PWAs that can be installed on any device. In all other directorys there are normal web apps in between.
- Darkmode
- 300+ Apps
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Why did I make findPWA? I like web design (UX/UI), analytics, SEO and webdeveloping. That's why I wanted a new project with the latest features. I've heard of Progressive Web Apps and then I got the idea of a directory. Boom new project. Since I like native/vanilla coding, this site was coded with PHP, HTML, CSS and JS and not with e.g. Bootstrap or Ajax, because I like to have full control of my site and like to understand what happens. As a result of the process, I got the idea to advertise, so findPWA has ads from Google Adsense.