Affordable tech stack data for hackers, sales and indies.

Think of us as an affordable BuiltWith or Wappalyzer.
Download unlimited lists of websites using specific technology. We cover 915 technologies, saas, pixels and tools for now. You get data that's no more than 3-month old.
You can also perform a domain lookup.
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Hey Product Hunters! I made this new database called findmassleads. Here's the problem I had, and the solution I thought of: 🌟 The problem: I was looking for a cheap way to get customers for my first micro-SaaS. I read about cold email and wondered if it really works πŸ€”. After all, it can be considered quite intrusive to receive an email from a stranger. And to my surprise, it can work well! The problem is that it's exhausting to chase good leads, scan their website, get their email address and send them a personalized message. I wanted to reach out to e-commerce owners. I found BuiltWith but it was quite expensive for me at the time. I ended up sending dozens of emails after hours of research... Without any tool. It worked quite well! You can read the story on the website. A few months later, the idea came to my mind again... Why not build a similar tool for far less? A large searchable database where we can filter by technology and language to get the email addresses? And be able to reach out to potential customers at scale? πŸ›  Solution findmassleds is a technology lookup tool and API that can help hackers, indies, freelancers, saas founders to get lists of websites using Intercom, Wheelio, UseProof, algolia... etc for almost nothing. I used old-school C language to make a big part of the backend. Ah! I loved it, it reminded me as a 14-y old kid trying to printf data to the screen 😊. Also I wanted to find technologies not very well known outside France. So I added some to the tool like LearnyBox or It lets you reach out to not-so-famous software users - usually smaller companies - and the reply rate is better πŸ’ͺ! And, as my first saas was something very similar to UseProof, missing from BuiltWith at the time, I added it to the database too. Then it lets you find users of an app similar to yours if your competitor is detected by findmassleads, which can be very powerful if your offer is better. If you need to detect a specific tool, I may be able to add it! (Please know that the results take one month to be available in the dashboard. The crawling has work to do!). Let me know what you think! 🎁 SPECIAL ProductHunt Community 27th Jan 2020 - TODAY ONLY - Up to 50 FREE results on ANY REQUEST for you guys - ALL filters enabled >> Home page. (no signup required - no credit card required) Special thanks to @calum_moore for one of his blog posts about PH (it's the first time I read about this great community, ProductHunt!) and makers like @levelsio and @gvrizzo who are incredible makers and keep me inspired, @guillaume_moubeche for lemlist which I used so much in the last months, as well as all the IH community.
Congrats Romain. This is a great service. I came to know about findmassleads from joinsecret. My first ever cold mail started from your platform.
@wilsonbright thanks a lot for the feedback Wilson! What is your product and who is it for?
@romain_carpentier It's - a forms tool, helps people to collect data in a privacy-focused way.
@romain_carpentier Can you see if findmassleads is showing up on the home page of PH? I remember making similar mistake during my launch. Please double check once.
@wilsonbright thanks yeah I don't see it. How can I do that? (yes I remember Blocksurvey)
@romain_carpentier can you click on 'edit' on the product page and see if the 'STATUS' is set to 'Available Now' rather than PRE-LAUNCH.
Findmassleads is a very usefull solution.
This goes beyond what BuiltWith can offer, not just in terms of sheer number of data, but also quality of support and dramatically reduced price. Paid (and happy) member.
@sorinamzu Thanks a lot Sorin!